About Yota Imports

At Yota Imports, as you may have guessed our main business is importing Toyota vehicles into the United States. We provide a unique buying experience for quality diesel Toyota’s and full Toyota drivetrains. If you’re looking for a diesel Toyota Land Cruiser, we can help source one for you. We can even customize it so it’s exactly what you want before you pick it up! If you’re looking for a full diesel drivetrain to replace your US Spec gasoline Land Cruiser, we can help with that too. We generally like to source our vehicles from Japan but can source from other countries if the occasion calls for it.

What sets Yota Imports apart?

Here at Yota Imports we pride ourselves in being automotive enthusiasts first, each vehicle we bring in we form an attachment to, and want the next owner to have a that same attachment as well. We see our vehicles as a way to enjoy the outdoors and seek out adventure. We want our vehicles to provide you a way to connect to the world outside too. Take a look at our process here.

Yota Imports Reviews / Testimonials:

We strive to create friendships not just happy customers.

I’ve been working with Duke for over a year after he sold me a very sweet Landcruiser that I love. It took a minute to identify the right car, but Duke worked with me to find one that looked good and was structurally sound. My truck is over 30 years old, right hand drive and from Japan. Obviously there would tend to be some corroded hoses and little things that a seller couldn’t observe at first blush, but as those little things started becoming apparent, Duke and his team worked with me to make sure the truck was in working order for no additional cost — a reciprocal deal that made me feel extremely secure about buying from him and which he honored over time. Me and the kids love the truck we bought from Yota Imports — it’s not like owning a new Prius — but it gets us out to places we couldn’t in a Prius. We’ve crossed through the Anza Borrego desert, through snow covered dirt fields of Mammoth to hot springs you can’t access very easily unless you have a helicopter and into the wilds of Death Valley, where I was confidant the vehicle would hold up to the heat.

5/5 Stars
Jacob E.

Ever since first driving turbo diesel Landcruisers in Japan and Australia, owning one has been a dream of mine. Toyota never offered these vehicles to the US market, so owning one in the States means you have to import them from overseas. This is a complicated process, and one that I haven’t the time or resources to undertake myself.

Yota Imports made my dream of owning a turbo diesel ‘Cruiser a possibility. They worked with my budget to match me to a vehicle that was just what I was looking for: a 12HT HJ61 high roof with a few cosmetic upgrades, a solid, rust-free frame and an engine with years worth of life left in it. All with a clean, US-VIN number and an Arizona title.

Finding parts and accessories for this rig was easy thanks to Yota Import’s dealer network and resources. Best of all, if I ever have a question, they’re there with round-the-clock support.

5/5 Stars
John W.

Always eager to work out what you need and get it to you quick and at a good price.

5/5 Stars
Daniel L.