Coy’s World Tour

A man and his machine on a journey of a lifetime.

Coy Pfaff is taking on a solo expedition around the world with his 60 Series Land Cruiser. Yota Imports is helping him by sourcing an efficient turbo diesel engine that was available in the 60 Series to countries outside of the United States. We’re teaming up with him to create a journal and support him on his journey and vicariously live through this adventure.


So the plan for my overland trip originated when I was in boot camp for the marines back in 2013. I have always loved adventure and travel and going places no one else has ever been. I’m not one for going to the “touristy” places of the world but rather the small towns and unseen places that don’t appear in any nat geo magazine or on discovery channel. I’ve served 4 years in the marine infantry and get out in June this year. My plan is to depart March 2018 for this overland trip. I have planned my route (as best I can, if I have learned one thing it’s that no plan survives first contact with the enemy, so I know to be flexible).

I’ll start in the U.K., then Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, South Pacific, Australia, South America, Central America and home to Oregon. I’m trying to do this trip old school, 1989 Land Cruiser, no fancy gear (other than sat phone for emergency) just me and a set of wheels. I plan on making this 100,000 miles plus journey over a year and a half period with return expected summer 2019. I’ve always valued my freedom and after four years in the Marine Corps I haven’t had much time to enjoy it. So this trip is a much needed adventure. Most of the time I will be alone, but I have friends coming to meet me along the way and travel for a week or two. I plan to film everything with go pro mounted on the vehicle and a drone to get aerial shots. I’ll bring a nice video camera with good sound for when I decide to leave the truck and wander around.

I have saved money for this trip and have a couple sponsors, and am still looking for other sponsors. The only things I have left to do is finish the vehicle prep and apply for visas in the countries where they are needed.

– Coy

More information to come!