Where do we buy our vehicles from?

99% of our vehicles come from Japan. We feel they are in the best condition and are the best quality and in world, and we only want to offer the best.  A few times a year we go to Australia to fulfill specific orders for our customers. 40 and 70 series troop carriers and trucks are available in Australia, however they are more prone to rust and high mileage.

Do we take trade in’s?


Can we get Left Hand Drive units?

No. We only purchase the best vehicles possible and sadly the countries that supply LHD units are plagued with rust, bondo and high mileage. If you plan to purchase a LHD vehicle, make sure you have it thoroughly inspected prior to purchase.

Are these legal?

Yes! We only import 25+ year old vehicles and all of are vehicles come with an Arizona Title and a visual Vin Plate stamped on the door.

Where are we located?

Our vehicles arrive to port in Long Beach, CA then undergo inspections, repairs and upgrades in Los Angeles. There after, our vehicles are sent to Arizona for final details and title.  

Do we register in California?

No, we do not guarantee California registration nor do we assist with California registration.

Do you offer any domestic vehicles?

No, we specialize in importing trucks from outside the United States, primarily Japan and Australia. We can say with full certainty, that the diesel Toyota vehicles are much better then gas versions.

Is driving on the Right Hand side hard?

Not at all, you will find yourself used to it within minutes. The hardest part is getting used to the turn signals and windshield wipers on the other side.

Do we provide vehicle financing?

As a dealer we can help with financing. With your good credit 750+ and a job we can get you into something. So far we have assisted with several financed vehicles. Our finance company we work with can finance you in most states.

Where do I find parts?

Check with us first! We are slowly stocking used, good condition parts. Of course if you need new parts, there are many options. For example, many parts cross reference to domestic vehicles, but if not we have several sources we get parts:

4 Wheel Auto 1-866-468-2570 http://www.4wheelauto.com/

Cruiser Parts 603-847-9400 http://cruiserparts.net/

Spector Off Road 818-882-1238 https://www.sor.com/

Cruiser Corps 405-607-2240 http://www.cruisercorps.com/

We utilize eBay for oddball parts as well as eBay Australia for the really hard to get parts.

We also import vehicles to be used specifically as parts vehicles. Contact us with your request.